About Us

Equal Responsibility. Equal Investment.

Meet Our Founder

Trecia Davis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker certified in Parenting and Family Strengthening Approaches. Trecia Davis is also trained in Perinatal Mood Disorders and is qualified Missouri Mediator for family and civil disputes. She has over 15 years of lived coparenting experience, and over 10 years of experience working with blended families.


Equal Shares Parenting (ESP) seeks to strengthen and rebuild broken families to become thriving members of their community through co-parenting education, financial coaching, and conflict resolution support.


Every family regardless of whether it consists of one parent or four, has access to a great quality of life and are valued in society.

Why Equal Shares Parenting, LLC will change the world:

Short Answer: We have to, because the future depends on thriving families!

The way that people in the US define family is evolving to be more inclusive and the supports available for this redefined family are following suit! The idea that a nuclear (traditional) family is THE standard; consisting of one father, one mother, and their biological children is outdated and is only ONE example of a thriving family. “Non-traditional” families, such as single parents, blended families, non-married individuals, and family members who become caregivers to non-biological children are often marginalized or considered an unfavorable "other". However, based on the US Census, the non-traditional family is trending to increase. Equal Shares Parenting (ESP) recognizes that family dynamics are complicated, but that child-centric parenting, consistent communication, and compromise are the keys to build children’s ability to be resilient and thrive in settings where biological parents may not live in the same home. ESP sees the evolving definition of family as an opportunity, not a problem to be fixed! We want to invest in parents/caregivers in order for the children they raise to thrive!

Who benefits from Equal Shares Services?

Short Answer: EVERYONE!

When we start looking at children raised in non-traditional households as just as fortunate and valuable in society as those raised in nuclear families, we improve the safety and well-being of all children. When we start celebrating single parents/caregivers for their resourcefulness within their circumstances or support them to expand their resources, we improve the outcomes of the family they are leading! When we start looking at blended families as broken families rebuilt even stronger, we ALL win!

How does Equal Shares Parenting do it?

Short Answer: Going beyond counseling for families to practical skills-building, support, and accountability!

Services provided:

  • Community Events, Classes, and Groups

  • Blended Family Support Groups

  • Co-Parenting Workshops

  • Consultation for Schools and Daycare Providers working with co-parenting plans

  • Micro-loans for emergencies (ex: Missed child support payments and child care emergencies)

  • Parenting Plan Coaching and Mediation

  • Single Parent Support

  • Therapy (Individual, Couples, and Family)